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Garden Sheds provides high quality and easy to setup garden sheds with the lowest price on the market. We only provide garden shed that are the best and the most durable. Our sheds are built to withstand cyclonic conditions including high gusts of wind, torrential rain and heavy snow. Our products are made of highly durable and rust resistant materials to give you the quality and toughness you look for in garden sheds.

We have pickup depots here where if happy to collect, we ship from Brisbane (our factory) to these depots Free. We offer home deliver too, for an small extra fee.

Gardenshed.com.au is provider of quality garden sheds at competitive prices. We only provide the best product and service to our customers. To provide the best, we only get from the best. Absco garden sheds is the market leader in Australia when it comes to quality garden sheds. What makes ABSCO Sheds better than any other steel shed in the market? They are so durable that they come with a 30 year warranty coverage. Absco is also very easy to assembly. They have the exclusive SNAPTiTE technology for fast and easy assembly that reduces the number of screws by more than half which also cuts the assembly time.

Our product range is extensive. We provide all your garden shed needs from basic and compact size that comes with a single door to double door garden shed for a larger opening and for extra storage space. We even have a side door garden shed perfect for that unused space on the side of the house. All of these come in a variety of colours to match your house. We have cream, green, grey, plain white and zinc. And all our sheds come with a twenty year warranty coverage for your peace of mind.

What makes Gardenshed.com.au better than its competitors is its ability to give the best quality garden sheds at the best prices. Hard to believe? Check out our inventory! Our prices are among the lowest in the market. You can save as much as $77 or more if you purchase a garden shed from our website. That is a more than %16 in savings and that is more than what our competitors can offer!

Garden Sheds
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Level 2, 608 St.Kilda Road
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High Quality Garden Sheds by gardenshed.com.au
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